Here Are Your Weekend Horoscopes: December 20-22

Capricorn: A shocking announcement from this week will spill over into the weekend, and you’ll be forced to talk things through with the people involved to balance things out. Don’t worry about bruising an ego or two. Your weekend’s a 7.

Aquarius: You’ll be incredibly tempted to give in to impulses this weekend, but this can result in a dangerous aftermath. Take inventory of your holiday checklist to determine if you actually need that $500 hairdryer or not. Your weekend’s a 6.

Pisces: You’re gonna find yourself handling all the chores this weekend, because literally no one is jumping in the lend a helping hand. DON’T let this get to you – when it’s all said and done, you’re the only one that’ll get praise for your hard work. Reward yourself with a bottle of your favorite wine and don’t share with anyone else. Your weekend’s a 10.

Aries: Someone’s gonna cry wolf this weekend, so be careful not to react too soon. Take a moment to decide if the situation is really urgent or not. If it’s not an emergency, let them get distracted by their own drama. No one has time for that. Your weekend’s an 8.

Taurus: You’ll be the center of attention this weekend but you’ll probably find that you wish that wasn’t the case. If you get invited to another holiday party at the last-minute, don’t feel guilty saying “no” so you can stay at home curled up on the couch with coffee and your doggo, binge-watching Hallmark Christmas movies. Your weekend’s a 10.

Gemini: You’re in a feisty mood this weekend, so getting involved in a fun debate or eavesdropping on someone’s life story in the Target checkout line is totally acceptable. Just be careful not to come off as “dramatic.” Your weekend’s a 7.

Cancer: A major breakthrough will come to you this weekend in regards to something you didn’t realize needed more of your attention. Take time to reflect this weekend. Your weekend’s a 9.

Leo: You’ve had your eye on something very important to you for a long time, but this weekend you’ll realize the possibility that it’s the wrong thing to focus on. Challenge yourself to visualize alternatives and formulate a plan B before moving forward. Your weekend’s an 8.

Virgo: You’ll find yourself having to be flexible and adapt to your environment this weekend. But if it gets to be too much for you, know when to speak up and tell your friend “no, I’m not the one who’s making the last-minute trip to Costco.” Your weekend’s a 7.

Libra: Scheduling conflicts are gonna push you to the edge this weekend. GET OVER IT. Work with your friends and family to get things done. Your weekend’s a 6.

Scorpio: You’re beginning to realize that if something isn’t challenging enough, it’s not very fulfilling. Taking the difficult route will lead you to a much better place. Your weekend’s a 10.

Sagittarius: Trust your intuition now, because it’s likely spot-on. Do whatever you need to do this weekend to accommodate how you’re feeling. Your weekend’s a 9.

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