Can You Guess Minnesota's Favorite Christmas Movie?

A recent survey revealed some interesting Christmas movie stats......

Included was our favorite movie here in Minnesota.....can you guess???

A Christmas Story was voted Minnesota's favorite Christmas movie......I can not agree with that. I feel it's the most overrated ever, so I dissent, Minnesota, I dissent. (Best ever is "It's A Wonderful Life", in case you were curious about the correct answer.....Home Alone, Christmas Vacation & Elf all rank higher, for me, too)

Here are a few other interesting bits....

  • 12.8%of Americans votedA Christmas Storyas their favorite Christmas movie, the highest of any movie
  • In second wasElf at 11.2%, followed byHome Alone(8.9%),It’s a Wonderful Life(7.8%), andThe Nightmare Before Christmas(6.3%)

And the hottest debate every year at this time.....IS Die Hard a Christmas movie.....and interestingly enough, for me, it WAS a Christmas movie.....until this year. I've changed my's's why.....I don't want to watch any of the aforementioned movies outside of Christmas.....where Die Hard plays just as well in June as it does around Christmas.....thus NOT a Christmas movie. The majority agree with me, also:

  • Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?40.79%of Americans say yes.

Survey results courtesy of House Method, read their full story here

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