Here Are Your Weekend Horoscopes: December 13-15

Here are your weekend horoscopes, as heard on the air Friday at 6:23 a.m.

Sagittarius: With the new year ahead, you’re beginning to think a lot about how difficult the road ahead looks. Making one little change in your life right now will make the year ahead so much easier, and you know exactly what that change needs to be. Start working on that this weekend. Your weekend’s an 8.

Capricorn: You’re soooo close to finally reaching a major milestone in your life. Don’t celebrate too early – there’s still hard work you need to put in to make things happen. Put in the work this weekend, and your weekend will be a 9.

Aquarius: You’re in need of some MAJOR alone time this weekend. And disconnecting from the world to reconnect with yourself will be beneficial not only for you, but for your friends and family, as well. Your weekend’s a 10.

Pisces: Authority figures have been causing you a lot of stress lately, particularly through micromanaging. Recognize that the stress they’re putting on you isn’t because you aren’t doing a good job, and there’s no need to waste your time playing their game. Your weekend’s a 7.

Aries: Old issues will pop back up this weekend, but don’t let that get you down. However, setting things for good is going to take effort on YOUR part. Get to work. Your weekend’s a 6.

Taurus: A special relationship in your life with a lot of history has been feeling strained lately. This is a relationship you’d be stupid to walk away from. Spend the weekend focusing on the good times. Your weekend’s an 8.

Gemini: You’ll have a breakthrough moment with a newer friend in your life this weekend. They’ll have the advice you’ve been looking for this weekend. Your weekend’s a 10.

Cancer: Your opinions are VERY powerful right now, so be careful how you voice them. You don’t have to change your stance, but you should be mindful of how you come across to other people. Your weekend’s an 8.

Leo: People are VERY willing to share secrets with you this weekend. Take this as an opportunity to soak up as much knowledge as possible without spreading it. And as tempting as it is to get involved in the drama, don’t do it. Your weekend’s a 7.

Virgo: People are likely to try taking advantage of your generosity this weekend. You’ve developed a reputation for being a kind person, but you’ll need to prove to people this weekend that you’re not a pushover. Don’t worry about coming off as rude – you won’t. Your weekend’s an 8.

Libra: All the relationships in your life do NOT have to be romantic. The co-pilot you may feel like you’re lacking might not be someone else…it might be yourself. Take that thought into consideration this weekend. Your weekend’s a 10.

Scorpio: You’ve been struggling to keep your life as interesting as possible for a while. This lack of stimulation will continue through the end of the year, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer. Find a way to enjoy your weekend for what it’s worth. Your weekend’s a 7.

Hear your weekend horoscopes Fridays at 6:23 a.m. with Hunter and Mollie in the Morning on Cities 97.1.

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