Here Are Your Weekend Horoscopes: December 6-8

Here are your weekend horoscopes for December 6-8, as heard on Cities 97.1.

Sagittarius: Whether it's in romance or business, you've been looking or the right time to talk to someone. This weekend you'll finally gather enough body language clues and subtle signals to get a sense of what they're thinking so you'll know which approach you need to take. Your weekend's a 7.

Capricorn: Something's been really bothering you lately, and this weekend is the perfect time to create that plan of attack to make change. All the energy will be in your favor. Your weekend's a 9.

Aquarius: You've likely been frustrated lately by people who just aren't listening to you. Take the weekend to chill out, reset, and plan out the best way for you to manage the situation. Your weekend's an 8.

Pisces: A majority of the energy-draining things in your life are finally beginning to calm down but you're still feeling super on-edge from all the craziness. Set aside some time this weekend to meditate or take a leisurely walk. Your weekend's a 9.

Aries: You really need to protect your reputation right now. Whether it's professional or personal, you have a heightened risk to ruin the way people see you. Be on top of your game, don't cut corners. Your weekend's a 6.

Taurus: Someone either at work or in your personal life is trying to get a rise out of you by acting out of character. Keep your cards close to your chest because they've clearly underestimated how smart you are and don't realize that what they're doing can backfire. Your weekend's a 7.

Gemini: Whether you're partnered or not, romance will be in the air for you this weekend. This could also be the "magic" of the holidays tugging at your heartstrings. Soak up every moment of it because this is such an amazing feeling! Your weekend's a 10.

Cancer: This is not a good weekend to hold off on addressing issues that pop up. Deal with issues straight on, and if there have been any lingering ill feelings toward someone, this is the time to make amends. Your weekend's an 8.

Leo: Take the weekend to recognize the value of other people's opinions and feedback. They have more power over you life than you realize. Your weekend's a 10.

Virgo: Your ambition's been feeling lackluster lately, and it's beginning to catch up with you. Take this weekend to recharge and rediscover your ambition to make things happen. Your weekend's a 5.

Libra: Your life is in need of a little spice right now. Consider taking up a new home renovation project, new entree, or try some sort of new activity. Get outside your comfort zone. Your weekend's a 9.

Scorpio: Even though you have so many great ideas running through your mind, this is not the weekend to get into new ventures. Choose one focus at a time and work on mastering that focus. Your weekend's an 8.

Hear your weekend horoscopes Friday mornings at 6:20 a.m. with Hunter and Mollie in the Morning on Cities 97.1.

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