Here Are Your Weekend Horoscopes: November 22-24

These are your weekend horoscopes for November 22-24.

Sagittarius: There's someone in your life whose mind you're usually able to read inside and out, but you're just not matching up with them. Realize that it's OKAY if your energies are different right now. Your weekend's a 7.

Capricorn: Something's been weighing heavy on your mind lately, and it's likely an apology that you owe someone. Own up to your mistakes and move forward. Your weekend's an 8.

Aquarius: Don't apologize for being emotional this weekend. Your intuition will likely open the door to great opportunities for you. Your weekend's a 9.

Pisces: It'll be really easy to turn fantasy into reality right now, and your weekend will be incredibly productive. Just make sure you're open to collaboration this weekend. Your weekend's a 10.

Aries: You've been playing peacemaker for far too long. If someone looks to you for answers this weekend, stay out of it. Your weekend's a 7.

Taurus: You've been acting distant from people in your life who would really like to hear from you. Take the time to finally reply to those friends whose messages you've been ignoring in your DMs. If you do, your weekend will be a 9...if you don't, your weekend's a 6.

Gemini: You'll feel overly possessive of things this weekend. Be careful not to look like a jerk or treat a friend poorly. Take a deep breath and realize no one's trying to hurt you. Your weekend's a 5.

Cancer: If you need help this weekend, you're on your own! It's not that people don't want to help you - it's just that the universe is testing you right now. Your weekend's a 7.

Leo: You're the center of attention this weekend, which is exactly where you prefer to be. Taking the lead in a situation will win over a lot of people. Your weekend's a 10.

Virgo: You're likely feeling a lot of anxiety leading up to Thanksgiving week, because the last family gathering may have been less than satisfactory. Just remember that it doesn't have to be as cringeworthy as you expect it to be. Your weekend's a 7.

Libra: You've lost touch with the simple things in life lately, so take this weekend to reconnect with your creative side and appreciate the little things. Your weekend's a 9.

Scorpio: This weekend will be a hotbed of deep conversation. One little thing in a conversation with a friend is going to send you down the rabbit hole and you'll both wonder how you even got there in the first place, but you won't complain. Your weekend's a 10.

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