Our 3 Yr Old's First Haircut Got Quite A Reaction From The Stylist

I took our 3 year old to get her first ever haircut, when I told the hairstylist what we wanted to do with her hair, she looked at me like I had 3 eyeballs.

In fairness, she wasn't impolite AT ALL plus she did a fantastic job, but for a couple seconds she made me feel really insecure in our decision. Like we were nuts to "do this to our 3 year old" or something.

Either way, it turned out great.....Evan had an awesome first haircut experience AND her new hair looks absolutely adorable.......even hairstylist agreed!!

MOST important, our little Evan LOVES it and it shows too. Not that she needed any work in the personality, attitude or confidence dept., but this seems to have even elevated all of those even more.

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