Not Only Is This The Worst Christmas Song - The Creepy Video Is Even WORSE

I have some pretty strong feelings about the song, "The Christmas Shoes," because I'm super bothered by a film school project music video created for the song.

Look, I know a lot of people cry listening to this song because the story behind it is relatable to a lot of people. It touches a part of you that is difficult to revisit or acknowledge if you have a loved one who is ill. If it helps you process those difficult emotions and allows you to heal internally, then that's a beautiful thing.

But that's not what I'm poking fun at here, and I want to be VERY clear about that.

"The Christmas Shoes" by NewSong was released in 2000, but it's at the center of a movie of the same name that came out in 2002. Essentially, the movie expands on the story told in the song.

A music video for the movie was released, but what's even more popular at 12 million views on YouTube is the UNOFFICIAL music video that was created for a project at a film school.

The film project video has terrible acting, and I'm super bothered that there's a man standing immediately behind the child who's buying shoes for his mom. He's staring down at the child very creepily, and he's way too close for my own comfort. Plus, I can't stand to watch him chew his gum. I can just hear the gum chewing sounds in my mind, and it's emotionally crippling.

Watch the video below if you can muster up the courage to laugh hysterically in public (or on your couch).

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