Minnesota YouTubers In Trouble With Law Enforcement After Jet Ski Stunt

A group of Minnesota YouTubers are in some sort of trouble with law enforcement following a dangerous (but pretty cool) jet ski stunt.

According to Bring Me The News, CboysTV, from Cormorant, filmed one of the boys driving the jet ski up a ramp, launching into the air, and crash-landing into a pond on the other side of a dirt road.

The video, which has over 300,000 views, caught the attention of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources who filed an incident report with the Clay County Attorney's Office. That report is now being considered for possible charges.

CboysTV said in a statement to Bring Me The News that law enforcement "seemed pretty adamant" that they'll receive some sort of ticket for the stunt, but at this point it's at a "bit of a stand still."

Watch the stunt below and read more here.

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