Top 50 Best Horror Flicks Of The Last 20 Years favorite on this list......not sure is even really a horror A Quiet Place really horror? If so, I'd love an explanation of why.

I've seen almost NONE of the others.....

"Forbes"has put out a list of the 50 best horror movies of the 2000s, and the only main guideline was that they had to be live-action movies that got true theatrical releases.

Here's the Top 25:

1. "Hereditary"

2. "The Witch"

3. "Sinister"

4. "The Wailing"

5. "The Babadook"

6. "Get Out"

7. "[REC]"

8. "Frailty"

9. "The Conjuring"

10. "Dawn of the Dead"

11. "Midsommar"

12. "[REC]2"

13. "Troll Hunter"

14. "Train to Busan"

15. "A Quiet Place"

16. "It Follows"

17. "Cabin in the Woods"

18. "10 Cloverfield Lane"

19. "It"

20. "Let Me In"

21. "28 Days Later"

22. "A Girl Walks Home Aloneat Night"

23. "The Ring"

24. "Let the Right One In"

25. "The Devil's Backbone"


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