New Internet Trend: Teens Dancing to Their Ex's Voicemails

A group of teenage girls have been branded 'empowering' by starting a darkly funny new trend, dancing to their exes voicemails and posting clips to social media platform TikTok.

The craze is believed to have been started by an American teenager called Isabella, 18, who shared a video of herself dancing to a grovelling apology from her cheating ex. 

'I tried all day to talk to you about this but you're just blowing me off. I'm telling you the truth and I'm telling you this, and I don't know what to do. You still don't trust me' he said. 

Isabella told Rolling Stone that she had been inspired by a toxic relationship with her ex, who she dated for six months a year ago.

'He tended to get angry and lash out sometimes at people. It wasn't super often, but after a while he started to act that way towards me. If I were to not answer him for a long time or was doing something else he'd get irritated' she said.

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