#ICYMI: Star Wars - The Rise Of Skywalker Final Trailer

I don't know where I fall in Star Wars diehardedness....I'm definitely a bigger fan than the average, but at the same time I'm nowhere NEAR the uber fan......I was SUPER excited for The Force Awakens and it did NOT disappoint. I was leery of The Last Jedi and it was about what I thought.....not my favorite.

This one, I'm excited in a Force Awakens kind of way, BUT the sting of Last Jedi has my enthusiasm a bit guarded.

I did get the chills. The music in this trailer is ON POINT......and C-3PO about killed me (in a good way). If there is such thing.

Also, did you know I have a new movie podcast? I think you'll dig it. 5th episode is coming soon.....and no doubt we'll dissect the Star Wars trailer.

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