Minnesota Trick-Or-Treaters Should AVOID These Dangerous Homes

With Halloween coming up, it's important to have a plan on where to go. Much of that planning, obviously, should involve taking your child to the safest places possible with homes you can trust.

Criminal Watch Dog's interactive map of registered sex offenders in and around the Twin Cities is super helpful when it comes to knowing which homes to avoid, and which homes are safe for kids. Perhaps you already know which homes to avoid in your neighborhood, but if your kids are trick-or-treating in their friends' neighborhood for the first time, you'll have peace of mind knowing more about their unfamiliar whereabouts.

The map is really easy to use and gives you either the general block where a sex offender lives, but will also give the exact address (and even apartment number for some) of where most of them live.

All you do is type in your address, select the radius you want to search, and it shows you where they're located along with a list of names and addresses.

Check it out for yourself here.

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