Julie Andrews Admits She Hid Naughty Clues in Mary Poppins That Nobody Saw

Julie Andrews has shared little-known details about her iconic Mary Poppins character in a new interview withGood Morning America.

The 84-year-old sat down with Diane Sawyer and opened up about falling intodepressionafter losing her singing voice in 1997 but feeling she had to maintain the gleeful appearance associated with her movie characters.

Much like the side of Andrews unknown to fans of the 1964 movie and 1965's Sound of Music, she shared that the famous nanny wasn't all she seemed.

Speaking about her then-husband Tony Walton's costume designing talent, she revealed he created a secret wardrobe – featuring bold undergarments - as a nod to Poppins alter-ego.

'It was a great help to me,' she said. 'He was -- well, is -- incredibly talented. And he said, 'I fancy that Mary Poppins has a secret life.' Kind of quiet pleasure at being a little wicked and naughty.

'Underneath all the skirts there were other colors. And so when I kicked up my heels or when I moved -- you just caught a flash.'

Another details Poppins fans may not know is that Andrews – who sang for the king of England when she was just 12 years old – whistled the well-known bird tune as well as singing the popular Spoonful of Sugar.

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