Joaquin Phoenix Goes To Great Lengths To Confess Damaging Emergency Vehicle

'Joker' actor Joaquin Phoenix went to great lengths to make a confession to first responders.

According to the Daily Mail, Phoenix apparently hit a Los Angeles County Fire Department truck this week with his Tesla and scraped the bumper, but tracked down the first responders using it immediately so he could confess to the incident.

The encounter happened exactly like any fender bender should. He exchanged insurance information with them, and damage reports were filed.

Witnesses of the incident say Phoenix's vehicle actually suffered more damage than the fire truck.

Police said the actor was pleasant to deal with and was very well behaved. And why would he want to be anything but that? If you've seen 'Joker,' there's a lot of damage done to first response vehicles in the movie. (Now you have to go see it because I'm not about to spoil anything for you.)

'Joker' broke the record for largest October domestic opening ever with $93.5 million in ticket sales.

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