Man Gets a $30,000 bill for something so stupid!

Better be careful when you're driving! A man received a bill from the state of Georgia because he had skipped it over 900 times.

The newest toll lanes in Georgia around Atlanta are a year old in Cobb County on I-75. They are convenient for many and help with congestion but they aren't free! According to WSB-2, 6 or 7% of tolls go unpaid daily. That costs the state over $40,000 a year.

They're cracking down in a hard way. Some people think they can find ways to skip out on paying or just ignore the bill they send in the mail, when they get caught. One man just got a $30,000 bill for using the lanes without paying 942 times. They charge a $25 fine plus, the toll fee every time to skip paying. This man now has to go to court over the fines, if he doesn't show up, the bill could raise to $95,000! (WSB-2)

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