Man Spends Hundreds Of Dollars For GOLDFISH To Undergo Life-Saving Surgery

A man spent hundreds of dollars to have his beloved pet goldfish go under the knife for a life-saving surgery.

According to the Daily Mail, Michael Dare has kept his $30 koi named Bubbles in a pond at his acupuncture business for the last 8 years. About six months ago, he noticed a tumor on Bubbles' stomach and became concerned when it grew.

Dare brought Bubbles to a veterinarian specializing in exotic pets who had, surprisingly, operated on goldfish in the past.

Anesthesia was the most difficult thing, the vet said, along with the fact that the operation had to be done out of water. In order to put the fish under, she ran a tube of water through the fish's mouth and gills.

Ten minutes later and without complication, the $300 surgery was complete.

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