No Cold! Follow This 13,235 Mile Road Trip For 70 Degree Weather Every Day

Okay, we get it...Winters can be extremely cold here in Minnesota. In fact, last year they literally shut down the entire city of Minneapolis/St.Paul because it was too cold. How would you like to avoid the cold this year with a road trip? Meteorologist Brian Brettschneider mapped out a route that’s likely to keep a body exposed to daily high temperatures of 70 degrees, and it meanders for 13,000-plus miles from the southern tip of Texas up to Alaska and down again to San Diego. I'm sure that will make a lot of you freeze babies out there really happy.

Brettschneider explains it on his Twitter:

I have this obsession with weather perception (remember Seattle raininess and dreary weather?) We use terms like “nice,” “pleasant,” “dreary,” “crappy,” etc. to describe the weather/climate. My perception doesn’t always align with prevailing sentiment. Is a 60 degree day with a few rain showers a “nice” day? What about clear and 10 degrees? Here in Alaska, people complain when it is 40 degrees in January as being too warm. In Phoenix, people start complaining when there are two cloudy days in a row. It is fascinating to me.

For his data, Brettschneider pulled daily “normal” high temperatures from the National Centers for Environmental Information and Environment Canada. According to Brettschneider, “Normals are a smoothed average of all days between 1981 and 2010...I just connected the dots. There were some decisions I made to maximize area and connectivity.” This is not an easy task, but it might be a worth while one if you want to avoid the cold. It sounds like a fun trip to me!

Check out the map below to take a look at his route:

What do you think of this? Is it possible? I really want to try it out...maybe when I don't have any responsibilities..and money.

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