Popular Twin Cities Swim School Closes for Two Weeks for Parasites

Foss Swim School announced Tuesday it has closed its St. Louis Park pool for the next two weeks after two swimmers - a teacher and a student - contracted Cryptosporidium, a parasite that causes diarrhea.

Foss later released a statement that they would also be closing their St. Paul location after they discovered the teacher had also taught there as well.  

"We do not know if Cryptosporidium has ever been in our pool," the school told parents in an email. "We do not know the source of the two cases. This two-week closure will enable us all to wait out the incubation period of Cryptosporidium."

The St. Louis Park pool will be drained and equipment will be replaced before it reopens around Oct. 15, according to the email. 

The St. Louis Park pool has been cleaned twice since Sept. 20, when the school reported the first case to the Hennepin County Department of Health. Parents were not notified about the Cryptosporidium until this week; the swim school said it followed all protocol and waited to send details of the disease until it became apparent the first case was not isolated.

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