Old Fashioned "Ways To Get A Husband" List From 1958 Is Completely Bizarre

An article originally published in a 1958 issue of McCall's has some pretty bizarre tips on how to land a guy. While most are ridiculous, I actually agree with some of them.

Read my favorites below, and check out the FULL list here.

Here's where to meet him:

  • Get a dog and walk it.
  • Have your car break down at strategic places.
  • Look in the census reports for places with the most single men. Nevada has 125 males for every 100 females.
  • Read the obituaries to find eligible widowers.
  • Take several short vacations at different places rather than one long one at one place.
  • Be friendly to ugly men.
  • Get lost at football games.
  • Don't take a job in a company run largely by women. (Ugh.)
  • Change apartments from time to time.

Here's how to make him notice you:

  • Stumble when you walk into a room that he's in.
  • Wear a Band-Aid. People always ask what happened.
  • Make a lot of money.
  • Walk up to him and tell him you need some advice.
  • If you're at a resort have the bellboy page you.
  • Buy a convertible. Men like to ride in them.
  • Learn how to bake tasty apple pies. Bring one in to the office and let the eligible bachelors taste it.
  • If there's a wallflower among the men you know, why not cultivate him? For all you know, he may be a diamond in the rough.
  • "Accidentally" have your purse fly open, scattering its contents all over the street.

Here's how to look good to him:

  • Men like to think they're the authorities on perfume. Ask his advice on what kind you should wear.
  • Practice your drinking with your women friends first.
  • If you dye your hair, pick a shade and stick to it.
  • If you look good in sweaters, wear one on every third date.
  • When you are with him, order your steak rare.
  • European women use their eyes to good advantage. Practice in front of a mirror.

Here's how to land him:

  • Don't let your parents treat him like a potential husband.
  • Ask your parents to disappear when you're entertaining.
  • Send his mother a birthday card.
  • Ask his mother for her recipes.
  • On the first date tell him you aren't thinking of getting married!
  • Don't talk about how many children you want.
  • Never let him know he's the only one, even if you have to stay home one or two nights a week!
  • Find out about the girls he hasn't married. Don't repeat the mistakes they made.
  • Resist the urge to make him over - before marriage, that is!
  • Learn where to draw the line - but do it gracefully.
  • If he's rich, tell him you like his money - the honesty will intrigue him!
  • Never let him believe your career is more important to you than marriage.
  • Don't tell dirty stories.
  • Stop being a mama's girl - don't let him think he'll have in-law trouble, even if you know he will!
  • Point out to him that the death rate of single men is twice that of married men.

Here are some wild ideas, where anything goes:

  • Get a hunting license.
  • If your mother is fat, tell him you take after your father. If he's fat too, tell him you're adopted!
  • Stow away on a battleship.
  • Rent a billboard and post your picture and telephone number on it.
  • Paint your name and number on the roof and say, "Give me a buzz, pilots."
  • Start a whispering campaign on how sought-after you are.
  • Make and sell toupees - bald men are easy catches!

Again, see the full list here.

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