'Tis The Season For This Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar

Some genius marketers figured out a way to keep White Claw Summer rolling just a few months longer with a hard seltzer advent calendar.

According to Thrillist, you can spice up your holiday decor in the 12 days leading up to Christmas with a 12-pack of various hard seltzers dressed up like an advent calendar with little cardboard doors for each can.

The calendar includes Truly, White Claw, Cape & Line, Crook & Marker, Bon & Viv, Henry's, Mighty Swell, Wild Basin, Golden Road, Smirnoff, Corona Refresca, and Rita's Sangria Spritz, making for the perfect sampling of different spiked seltzers.

The calendar is on sale now for $59, and the price will jump an extra $10 beginning October 1.

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