You Can Now Officially Play Mario Kart Against Your Friends on Your Phone

YOU GUYS. I'm not sleeping for days. I woke up this morning to see that Mario Kart Tour is officially available on iPhone, and you can start racing right NOW.

Get your friends together and get ready to hit them with those coveted red shells.

From TechRadar:

Get ready to start your engines and hurl some red shells, because the long-awaited Mario Kart Tour mobile game for iOS and Android is finally launching today. 

Nintendo first announced this free-to-play mobile version of the class-leading kart racer way back at the beginning of 2018. Now, many iOS users who'd pre-registered for the game are finding it already installed on their iPhones and iPads.

Of course, much like previous Nintendo releases on mobile devices, you'll need to link the game to your Nintendo account in order to play – you can follow these step-by-step instructions in ou rhow to download and play Mario Kart Tour guide.

Anyone keen to try the new racer will want to grab it right away, as the game will feature temporary courses based on real-world locations that will only stick around for a short while.

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