College Football Fan's Sign Asking For Beer Money Raised More Than $1M!

Jeez, why didn't I think of this? A college football fan has raised over $1 million dollars all because he has written a sign that ready please donate for beer money. The college drawn sign was supposed to be a joke but it seems it grew into something bigger! A lot bigger! According to the Seattle Times, "Carson King took Sharpie to poster board the night of Sept. 13 and sketched out a simple plea: “Busch Light Supply Needs Replenished.” King, 24, added his Venmo handle and crossed his fingers that someone watching ESPN’s “College GameDay” the next morning would see the sign and send him a “couple dollars” for his favorite beer." I guess you could say his wish was granted and then some! By Saturday we had gained $270,000 and it was quickly backed by major brands which included Venmo and Busch. Both companies have said they will match the donations sent to King, which would mean a total donation of nearly $1 million to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital.

King said he brought his sign along on the off chance he appeared on TV. But his strategic positioning near a stage paid off, and within half an hour of holding up the poster, he received more than $400 in contributions. As hundreds of dollars became thousands, King realized he had a chance to do “something a little more special than buy Busch Light.”

If you feel like donating, King's account will remain open for donations until the end of the month.

This story was originally published and you can check out more of the story at the Read it here.

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