Woman's Foot Blister Pops During Flight, Splatters Passengers with Blood

A talk show host has revealed his horror at witnessing an aircraft passenger's blister pop on her foot, causing blood to spurt out and splatter others on the flight. 

South Floridatalk show host Andy Slater shared on a Twitter thread that the 'bloody mess' happened on Wednesday while he was on an American Airlines flight to Miami. 

Slater shared that when the blister burst, blood splattered across the aisles and landed on two men sitting in front of him. 

The blood landed on the plane's windows and on one of the men's books, which Slater shared a photo of. 

Blood also managed to hit other passengers and the armrests that they were sitting on. 

He also provided a photo of the flip flops the woman was wearing at one point, adding that he hoped the blanket she was using would go 'in the garbage.' 

Slater later shared on his show Thursday that the blanket was used to wrap her feet in.

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