"Black Market StP" Is The Twin Cities Foodie Secret You Need To Try

Theres a lot of good food here in the Twin Cities, but one of the best places to eat has by far the shortest hours and most unique concept.

Black Market StP is frequently rated the Best BBQ in the Twin Cities, and heres how it works:

  1. Head to their website at blackmarketstp.com
  2. Orders can be placed throughout the week but MUST be in by Thursday at 4pm
  3. You must head to their location to pick up your order between 5-7pm.
  4. If you aren't able to order in time, you can take the risk and drive over to their location and hope for the best. They always make extras, but are very clear that they ALWAYS sell out.

They also LOVE being local. According to their website:

This isn’t Memphis. This isn’t Texas. It’s not whatever you’ve had that was supposed to be the best barbecue ever. This is Minnesota BBQ, and it’s really, really good. We do not cut corners while creating possibly the most delicious BBQ on the planet. Our meat treats are only made fresh to order and everything is timed to be ready at 5pm on Fridays. It literally does not get more fresh than this folks, even your favorite restaurant cannot compete with this and that is our secret!

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