Driver Parked OVER Line Insists OTHER Driver Is In The Wrong

The internet is flustered over this woman who insists another driver parked too close to her car, even though she was parked over the line.

The Daily Mail shared her tweet, and people dove in on Twitter and Reddit to shame her.

The tweet reads, "PSA: Please do not park like this. That is my car on the right. I was contemplating having to crawl across the passenger seat when the woman who owned the car on the left came back. I pointed out (calmly) that she needs to be more aware of the cars around her when parking."

As someone who occasionally gets parking rage, I can definitely say I've been there. I know when to give myself a reality check, though.

What do you think - who's in the wrong? I think they both are. I'd share the actual tweet, but it looks like perhaps it was taken down. The person who shared it on Reddit took a screenshot and scribbled out the person's Twitter handle.

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