PopSockets for Drinks Are Your Next Big Obsession

If you're like me and keep fumbling and bumbling drinks while trying to handle your phone in one hand like a ridiculously inept infomercial actor, boy does PopSockets have the product for you. 

Yes, PopSockets, the innovator of intrusive smartphone backing grips, has dipped their chilly toes into the drink koozie market. Their newest product is called the PopThirst Cup Sleeve, and yeah... it's essentially just a foam sleeve with a PopGrip on it. 

But if you hate the concept of carrying things in bags and want to tough out juggling your phone, wallet, and keys all day, this is perfect. The holders are meant to fit most to-go cups, cans, and pint glasses, and help keep hot things hot and cold things cold. 

For the full story and how to get one click here

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