Demi Moore Reveals She And Ashton Kutcher Miscarried Child In New Book

Demi Moore makes several shocking revelations in her new book, including the time she miscarried a baby at age 42 with then-boyfriend Ashton Kutcher.

According to the Daily Mail, Moore, 56, shared she became pregnant with a baby girl in 2004 with Ashton Kutcher as the father, but lost the baby when she was six months along. Moore was 42 at the time and they were going to name the baby girl Chaplin Ray.

When she lost the baby, Moore says she started drinking again because she blamed herself for the miscarriage.

In 2005, she wed Kutcher and they tried again to have a child using fertility treatments, but were unsuccessful. Moore turned to Vicodin and synthetic marijuana which led to hospitalization in 2012 and a rift with her and Bruce Willis' daughters.

Kutcher and Moore divorced in 2013.

Her friend Gwyneth Paltrow says writing her new book has been a "healing journey - physically, mentally, emotionally."

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