Chris Cornell's Ex-Wife Sues His Widow For 'Frivolous' Child Support

Chris Cornell's ex-wife is going after his widow for "unpaid" child support for his 19-year-old daughter who reportedly dropped out of college.

According to the Daily Mail, Cornell's ex-wife Susan Silver is suing his widow, Vicky Cornell, for unpaid $5,000 per month child support for daughter Lily Jean Cornell's expenses including health insurance and college tuition.

Responding to the suit, Vicky and her legal team claim she's "paid every penny of child support," despite having no legal obligation to do so. Her lawyer says Vicky over-paid tuition by paying for her final semester even though Lily hadn't yet disclosed that she'd dropped out of school shortly after that semester began.

Vicky and her lawyers allege the complaint was filed "for PR purposes" after apparently leaking online before her legal team had even seen it.

A motion was filed to dismiss the complaint.

Cornell and Silver had Lily together in 2000.

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