Minnesota Student is The Latest Victim of Vaping-Related Injury

A Minnesota student has been hospitalized with vaping-related lung injuries that left him on a ventilator and barely able to eat or drink - as sixth American e-cigarette user was announced. 

Elijah McClure, 21, of Brooklyn Park, has been on mechanical breathing apparatus for 11 days so far, after his nausea and sickness developed into lung failure. 

He was initially prescribed antibiotics for body aches, fever and cold symptoms when he fell sick on his way back from a state fair on August 22.

But over a week later while under observation he was rushed into ICU to be put on a ventilator, his father Sedric told Kare11.

Sedric, who hasn't heard his son's voice in a week, described the damaged as 'absolutely devastating' and now wants to warn others about the potential harm of e-cigarettes.

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