Grandmother Warns About Attempted Robbery After Getting Off The School Bus

A Twin Cities woman is warning parents about a scary encounter in a neighborhood her grandson had after getting off the school bus.

In a September 10 post on, a woman in the Page neighborhood of Minneapolis wrote the following:

Attempted robbery on 53rd and Columbus - 3:30pm today. My grandson was approached coming from school. Got off the bus on Chicago and was walking home when he was approached by a man wanting his backpack. After a brief conversation, he was handing it over as a police car rounded the corner. Our neighbor on Chicago had called because of suspicious behavior (I think), so police were driving around. THANK YOU NEIGHBORS! Unfortunately they didn't know what was going on, so handcuffed both of them. My grandson was calm, and explained where he was going & they brought him here where his grandpa confirmed who he was. They were nice, and thankfully had the man in handcuffs. They think it's a team, and are still looking for another person. Be aware, and keep car and house doors locked!

Below is a screenshot of the post.

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