Nail Salon Accused Of Fat Shaming Customer "Too Big" To Sit In Chair

A nail salon is being accused of fat shaming after it claimed one woman was too big to sit in their pedicure chair without breaking it.

According to the NY Daily News, the Houston woman walked into Rose Nails salon and left quickly after because she was told the chairs are not big enough for her to sit in.

Security cameras captured the incident without sound. The woman and her mother entered the salon, had a brief conversation with an employee, and then turned around.

The employee who rejected the woman for a pedicure told ABC news that she never intended to be insulting or hurtful, but another chair had broken "most likely" due to a person's weight. She added that the chairs are too expensive to replace or repair.

The woman turned away for the pedicure says she's never going back. But still, what a terrible situation, right?

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