WATCH: Final Trailer For Doctor Sleep - Sequel To The Shining

I think we have all seen the film, The Shining or at the very least know of it. If you remember from the movie, Danny and his mother escape the clutches of his insane father as they try to escape him and the Overlook Hotel during a massive blizzard. In this film, it takes place years later! Dan Torrance now an adult, struggling with a drinking issue, remains traumatized by the sinister events that occurred at the Overlook Hotel when he was a child. His hope for a peaceful existence soon becomes shattered when he meets Abra, a teen who shares his extrasensory gift of the "shine."

Sounds pretty interesting if you ask me! The film stars Ewan McGregor as the older Danny and is set to be released on November 8th, 2019.

Check out the final trailer below!



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