WARNING: Peeping Tom Reported Watching Women Sleep Near Minneapolis

As people walked near the intersection of 25th Street and Dupont Avenue South in Minneapolis, some couldn’t help but notice a concerning set of signs taped on several light posts.

“Very disturbing. Automatically you fear for your safety and the safety of your neighbors,” said neighbor Veronica Starzinski. “[You] wonder like who’s looking at you and who’s been watching you.”

The signs are a detailed warning about a “Peeping Tom” who in late August came face to face with Ana Poole, separated only by her bedroom window. She said she first heard the leaves rustling outside her house, then saw him peering through window, watching her in bed.

“At this point I’m like really scared, I’m just lying there like, ‘Oh my God,’ you know, ‘What am I supposed to do in this situation?’” Poole said.

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