CALM DOWN: There is NO National Shortage of White Claw

It's been the summer of seltzer, and no drink exemplifies the huge trend for fizzy, boozy flavored water than White Claw.

But the alcoholic phenom has become a victim of its own success, judging by the news that broke on Friday, when CNN was told the company is struggling to keep up with demand, sparking fears of a White Claw shortage.

The brand's popularity has come amid an explosion of memes, chief among which is: "Ain't no laws when you're drinkin' claws."

Forgive us our skepticism here, there may well be a struggle to keep up with demand, but the mere fact the company is confirming this reeks of a PR stunt, as all of a sudden the internet is abuzz about stocking up on Claws.

Admittedly,as The Eater notes, White Claw makes up 50 percent of the hard seltzer market, but that just means there's 50 percent of hard seltzer market many haven't tried.

There are plenty of seltzer fans out there who confidently argue that Truly is superior to White Claw – so maybe now's the time to give it a try?

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