10 Movies Still To Come In 2019 That I REALLY Want To See

I had pretty much forgotten about Natalie Portman. Thought she was just okay in Jackie.....BUT I think she looks brilliant AND we're exploring space, which I love. Lucy In The Sky looks interesting.....plus I'm just drawn to that hair cut.

I didn't think I'd ever care about the Joker character again, once Heath Ledger passed. Well, I'm intrigued again......mostly because of Joaquin Phoenix. Did you notice who's directing though!?

Okay, after THAT.....a couple warm and fuzzy movies back to back. Starting with this. I can't think of ANYONE better equipped to play Fred Rogers in "A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood" than Tom Hanks.

YES.....I have Frozen 2 on my list. Like I told a friend of mine, if I didn't have kids I would've never seen one, but since I do have kids and I did see it......it's brilliant. Simple as that. And I think the premise for F2 looks excellent as well.

Okay, here's one out of nowhere......I stumbled upon this by accident just scrolling through Apple's Trailers app. Jim Gaffigan NOT making me laugh!? It's okay cuz this looks absolutely riveting. And disturbing and intense.

As I already noted, I love space stuff. It's 99% likely I never go to space, so I love living vicariously through storytelling......even if it's super far fetched (especially since, who knows, maybe down the road it's not so far fetched). Brad Pitt rocks, Ad Astra looks fantastic.

This one, totally under the radar, but I dig Adam Driver and LOVE the content......I love this stuff. Also, interesting that "torture" is scratched out of the title......albeit by design, but still.

Most who read this are probably going to say.....huh!? I realize this is a VERY niche flick......it's my inner car nerd though......this might be the movie I'm MOST excited for on this entire list. Hell, my "inner car nerd" is actually more an outer car nerd. I don't hide it. I love everything that is cars. The engineering, innovation, vision, etc. Ford V. Ferrari was the beginning of a lot of that. And probably my 2 favorite actors to boot.

The most predictable of them all.....if you know me at all. I felt like a kid again when Star Wars: The Force Awakens was building up and released. The Last Jedi did nothing for me. I wasn't excited for it to come out. I didn't love it (I did LIKE it, but didn't love it) when it was released.

The Rise Of Skywalker has me more leaning towards Force Awakens excitement.

Last, but not least, Just Mercy......kind of reminds me of Dead Man Walking a bit. Looks like one big giant ugly cry to me. Love Michael B. Jordan

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