You Can Now Buy a Carpool Karaoke Mic That Puts Your Voice Over Your Music

James Corden — the late-night show host whose segment "Carpool Karaoke" onThe Late Late Show with James Cordenhas attracted stars like Adele, the Jonas Brothers, and Madonna to sing along to their top hits while driving around with Corden — wasn't in the car belting out tunes with me and my passengers. But we managed thanks to a glammed-out microphone my road trip crew had connected to an open radio channel so our voices could boom through the car's speakers. 

After connecting my iPhone's Bluetooth to the car sound system, we sang along to favorite songs playing through Apple Music. Even when we momentarily lost cell service, the saved songs downloaded to my account still worked. The Bluetooth cut out a few times, but we quickly reconnected and continued crooning. 

There were some awkward moments, however, when the microphone would blast Corden saying, "Do you mind if we listen to some music?" as the device paired. 

The driver is explicitly told not to participate — "The Mic is intended for passenger use only!" chastise the instructions on the device made by The Singing Machine and CBS — but in some slow traffic, I took over and sang along to "Summer Lovin'" fromGrease.I know all the words, so I could keep my eyes on the road. 

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