Woman Sets Guinness World Record For Eating 3 Jars of Mayo in 3 Minutes

I'm a fan of mayo but this woman takes it to a whole new level. A woman has eaten more than three jars of mayonnaise in three minutes - setting a new world-record and really grossing me out in the process. According to Ladbible.com, Michelle Lesco, from Arizona, US, consumed 2,448 grams (86.35 oz) - or the equivalent of three and a half jars.

She told Guinness World Records: "The biggest misconception about competitive eating is that all of us are like 500 pounds and 10 feet tall. Back in the day when they first started these contests, they would pull people from the audience, and they picked people that they thought could eat the most - so I think that's where it came from."

You can check out the video below...if you can stomach it.



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