This Is The Most HATED Children's Book Parents Don't Want Their Kids To See

Parents absolutely HATE this children's book and are calling for it to be banned.

According to the Daily Mail, parents are outraged over the 1989 book A Piece Of Cake by Jill Murphy, which tells the story of an overweight elephant determined to lose weight.

Modern parents are labeling A Piece Of Cake "out-dated" and accuse it of body-shaming.

One page from the book reads the following:

"I'm fat," said Mrs. Large.
"No you're not," said Lester.
"You're our cuddly mummy," said Laura.
"You're just right," said Luke.
"Mummy's got wobbly bits," said the baby.
"Exactly," said Mrs. Large. "As I was saying - I'm fat."

Murphy is one of the UK's most successful children's writers, and A Piece Of Cake has sold five million copies since its release. She refuses to pull the book despite negative reviews on Amazon.

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