No More Binge Watching? Netflix To Release New Episodes Weekly

So, are the days of binge watching new episodes of TV shows done? The popular streaming service Netflix is reportedly scrapping the binge watching model in favor of releasing episodes weekly. So, like the good old days? As of now, there's two shows who are set to be doing this model. The Great British Baking Show and an upcoming reality show featuring T.I., Cardi B, and Chance the Rapper titled Rhythm and Flow. The former has already shifted to a weekly release model and while multiple episodes of the latter will still drop at one time, the entire season will be spread out over three weeks, according to

As of now, this is just an experiment and there are currently no plans to do this with other shows with the exception of reality television. Although, if proved successful and cost effective, it could be something we could see in the near future. This news comes right after Disney announced their shows will be released weekly on their upcoming streaming service, Disney Plus.

I guess we will just have to wait and see!

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