Flight Instructor Passes Out On Students FIRST FLIGHT

I'm not sure how I'd handle this. But I do know I'd need a fresh pair of pants afterward . . .

A guy in Australia named Max Sylvester recently decided to get his pilot's license, and had his first lesson on Saturday. Then in the middle of it, his flight instructor PASSED OUT . . . and he had to land the plane HIMSELF.

It was just the two of them in a single-engine Cessna. But Max was able to radio in and talk to someone on the ground. Then they walked him through it, just like in the movie"Airplane!"

He told them it was his first lesson. And he mentioned that before his instructor passed out, he told him he was a really quick learner. So he had that going for him.

And in the end, he was able to SAFELY land the plane back on the runway without crashing it.

Authorities say Max and the air traffic controller both did "an exceptional job" of staying calm. And so did Max's WIFE AND KIDS, who were watching from the ground.

Paramedics got the flight instructor to a hospital. And he was listed in stable condition. (NZ Herald)

(Here's the air traffic control audio.)

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