Costco Is Now Selling A 72-Pound Cheese Wheel for $900 And I Want It

Every so often Costco surprises me with what they'r willing to sell at their stores. This is one of those items. Costco is now selling a 72-pound cheese wheel for $900 dollars. Yep, you read that right! 72-pounds of cheesy goodness. According to the store's online listing, each hefty block produced by the store’s Kirkland Signature brand is “aged 24 months” and “imported from Italy.” So, you know you're getting the best, right?

As you can imagine, lots of people decided to review the chunk of cheese and some of them are pretty funny. According to one reviewer, "Bought this as a surprise for my son's wedding reception (he is a fiend for the stuff). With the help of YouTube instructions and the proper tools and his good buddy, he and his brother cracked open the Parm in front of family and friends, to great applause and cheers."

Another reviewer said, “It was fun to watch and actually quite beautiful! The cheese is magnificent; fragrant and delicious.”

Others were not to keen on the block of cheese, “Got this as a gift, what the heck am I supposed to do with all this cheese!?”

Regardless of what you think, Costco knows how to sell their items well and I'm sure this will be sticking around for while. If you're interested in the item, keep in mind that the parmigiano reggiano wheel only ships out between Mondays and Wednesdays.

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