DILFs Ruled The Minnesota State Fair This Year (Says This Fan Page)

They were everywhere at the Minnesota State Fair, and literally no one except this fan page for DILFS noticed it.

The Great Minnesota Get-Together is a hotbed for not only Instagram photos, but also silly accounts documenting weird things that have a cult following. One account I noticed posting frequently over all twelve days of the fair was @dilfsofmnstatefair, which shares candid snaps of the "most attractive" dads in all their glorious dadness. Most are pushing strollers, holding babies, and enjoying fair activities with their kids and wives/partners.

Many photos were supposedly submitted by their significant others.

Not sure what a DILF is? It stands for "Dad I'd Like to..." *ahem* Look it up on Urban Dictionary if you still don't get it.

I'm not personally saying these are DILFs, but @dilfsofmnstatefair certainly is. Here are some great examples of what you'd see on that page.

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