Woman Encounters Gross Pervert With Harry Potter Glasses At Lake Nokomis

One woman is sharing her scary experience to warn others about the disgusting encounter.

A user on the Nextdoor website shared the following post about a pervert at Lake Nokomis:

On Thursday afternoon, I was sun bathing and reading a book on the north side of the lake under a tree, near that large brown pavilion/building. I heard a faint voice with some crude words thrown in. As I listened closer I realized this man was talking to me about all the things he would "love to do to my body." I was terrified and alone, but sat up and looked behind me and it was a man who had biked near me and gotten off his bike. He was saying the most vulgar, revolting things to me while touching himself in the private area. I stared him down and he didn't flinch; and didn't seem phased or scared of me staring straight back at him while also calling the police. He got back on his bike and biked about ten feet, stopped and looked back at me.
In any other situation I would've screamed at him and let him know how I really felt, but this was different and I was in a state of absolute shock. Makes me think differently about being able to relax outside on a Thursday afternoon at noon. Women beware. And if you see this man, give a call to the police for sure because this was NOT his first time.

He is described as a 45-50 year old white male wearing a white button-up polo, blue jeans/shorts, and circle-shaped Harry Potter glasses. His blonde-gray hair was spiked up and he had a narrow face.

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