The Minnesota State Fair Has Announced It's "2019 Best" Awards

Twelve vendors and exhibitors were honored on Thursday morning as they were named the "Best Of" the Minnesota State Fair 2019.

The awards were handed out at the International Bazaar Stage at 10 a.m., after being selected by a committee who sifted through nominations from State Fair organizers and building superintendents.

It's quite an honor for the selected few, considering there were most then 1,200 exhibits, concessions, attractions, and food and drink vendors to choose from.

Vendors are awarded for reasons including exceptional customer service, knowledgeable staff, "amazing visual presentation," premium quality product/service, and good value.

Here's a look at this year's winners:

Adam Turman Gallery – Original artwork designs by Adam Turman on apparel and a variety of giftware.Where to find it: The Veranda in the upper level of the Grandstand, west section

Arnold Amusements – It won for The Scooter, a ride operating at the Mighty Midway. Where to find it: Mighty Midway, center section.

Batten Industries Nellie’s Laundry - Green Heat – Nellie's laundry products, combined humidifier and aromatherapy diffusers, and power cords.Where to find it: Grandstand, lower level, southwest section.

Fair Ride Entertainment – It won for being the operator of the Wave Swinger children's ride.Where to find it: The Kidway.

Glitter Glamper – Temporary "body bling," glitter beards and 3-D fantasy faces.Where to find it: West End Market, northeast section.

Juanita's Fajitas –Fajitas, burritos and bean bowls. Where to find it:Located west of Nelson Street just south of the Grandstand.

Midwest Concessions –Awarded as theoperator of the Break a Bottle game.Where to find it: West end of Mighty Midway, center section.

Northland Ford Dealers – Ford brand cars and trucks. Where to find it:East side of Underwood Street between Randall & Wright avenues.

Northwood Industries – Playhouses, sheds, gazebos, recycled furniture.Where to find it: Southeast corner of Murphy Avenue and Cooper Street.

Que Viet Concessions–Giant egg roll on-a-stick, garlic cream cheese wontons and bubble tea (we're also a fan of their coffee). Where to find it: East side of Cooper Street outside the Merchandise Mart

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