Over 1,600 Violations Since The Hands-Free Law Came Into Effect

Let's be honest, we have all done it at point in time. Text or calling while driving. Sometimes it's hard not too! Since Minnesota made the new hands-free law into effect on August 1st, people can longer use their phones while driving. Which was a big deal! A welcome one in my opinion. The United States Department of Transportation reported that cell phones are involved in a whopping 1.6 million auto crashes each year, causing half a million injuries and prompting 6,000 deaths annually.

According to the Minnesota State Patrol, since August 1st...they have stopped over 1,600 drivers violating the new Minnesota hands-free law. They even posted a breakdown of the stats which you can check down below:

Here's the breakdown of citations and warnings broken up by age and gender:


• Under 20 years old: 95 citations

• 20-29 years old: 472 citations

• 30-39 years old: 424 citations

• 40-49 years old: 293 citations

• 50-59 years old: 199 citations

• 60+ years old: 131 citations


• 952 males

• 650 females

• 12 not available

For more info, check out HandsFreeMN.org.

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