Millions Of Dollars Could Be Hidden In Wisconsin, Says Mobster's Niece

Al Capone's niece says she knows where the mobster stashed millions of dollars, but admits he couldn't tell her exactly where because his mercury injection treatments for syphilis made him "insane."

According to the Daily Mail, 79-year-old Deirdra Capone, who is the great-niece of the Chicago mobster, claims that $100 million was stashed in different locations across the U.S., Canada, and Cuba. The money is reportedly hidden away in secret underground vaults, hideaways, and safety boxes in these locations.

While the exact locations remain a mystery, she doesn't believe any of the money is still in Chicago. Instead, she says it could be hidden in meeting spots in Hot Springs, Arkansas, Moose Jaw, Canada, and one of Capone's secret properties in Wisconsin.

She told The Sun, "It is not known that my uncle had property in Wisconsin but I was there, I experienced it many times."

Capone says she's done everything she can to locate the money, but was unsuccessful and doesn't have the legal means to locate it, either.

Al Capone made money through various illegal means, including distributing alcohol during the Prohibition era, brothel operation, gambling rings, money laundering, and more throughout the 1920s.

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