A New York Uber Driver Accused Of Kidnapping Teen After Sweet 16 Party

This sounds like a pretty scary situation...especially since a lot of us use driving services all over the metro here. A New York Uber driver has been accused of kidnapping a 15-year old girl after she was attending a sweet 16 birthday party. According to prosecutors, the man was allegedly trying to bring the girl back to his Brooklyn home.

According to NBC.com, Sean Williams, 32, was arraigned Tuesday and charged for the July incident where he picked the minor up around 11:15 pm on Long Island and attempted to convince her to drink with him, according to the Nassau County District Attorney’s office. When the girl protested and asked to go home, repeatedly saying she was only 15, Williams apparently drove in the wrong direction towards his home — where the DA says he planned to sexually assault her.

So, how do you get away in that situation? According to authorities, the girl convinced the driver that she had to use the bathroom, from there she ran into a McDonald's and called the police. Four days later, the driver was then arrested. Smart thinking from the girl. The driver has now been charged with kidnapping, endangering a child and unlawful imprisonment.

Uber has come out and told NBC, "What has been reported is deeply alarming and the driver’s access to the app has been removed. We stand ready to cooperate with law enforcement,”

I would not want to be in that girls situation and thankfully she made it out okay. If you're out picking up a ride make sure you have your phone on you and the driver is safe.

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