Suspect Accused Of Killing Former NFL Player Dad and Mom Arrested In Mexico

The suspect accused of shooting dead his mother and former NFL player father was arrested after he fled to Mexico.

According to Bring Me The News, 22-year-old Dylan Bennett was charged on Friday with the murders of Carol and Barry Bennett. They were found dead in their Long Prairie, Minnesota, home during a welfare check on Wednesday.

After allegedly killing his parents, Bennett withdrew money from his mother's account from ATMs in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Ohio Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, as well as from his parents' joint account in Long Prairie the morning of the murder. He bought a plane ticket from Columbus, Ohio, to Atlanta, Georgia, and then from Atlanta to Cancun, Mexico.

Bennett essentially turned himself in to authorities while in Mexico, and will be brought back to Minnesota, where he will face murder charges in Todd County District Court.

Authorities say Barry Bennett reported to police in December that his son "expressed homicidal thoughts about killing his parents" while he was in a mental health treatment facility.

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