Vacationers Officially Vote Minnesota The Nation's Friendliest State

To the haters, “Minnesota Nice” is a euphemism for “passive-aggressive,” under the inexplicable belief that everyone is supposed to be inviting them over for dinner. The nation's travelers beg to differ.

The vacation site Big Seven Travel recently put the matter to a vote, asking readers to weigh in on America's most friendly and unfriendly states. It appears the people not making you supper are actually quite welcoming after all. Minnesota finished No. 1.

It's not exactly a scientific survey. Friendliness is in the eye of the beholder, and there's no empirical way to measure our legendary grace and conviviality. The site is also on the decidedly light end of the vacationer spectrum. Suffice to say it's not quite representative of the vacation market at large. Stories even come with a guestimate on how long they'll take to read.

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