No More Playing Around - Hasbro To Discontinue Plastic In Packaging

You know, with everything that's happening in the world it's nice to know that one company is doing the right thing. Toy company, Hasbro has decided to discontinue use of plastic in their packaging. Hasbro, which is one of biggest toy manufacturers is completely phasing out plastic by 2022, which is an incredibly short time. According to, "The plastics ban covers just the packaging, not the plastic action figures or dolls or trucks inside the packaging. But Hasbro said it is targeting the most wasteful part of the toy buying experience – the part most likely to immediately end up in the trash."

Hasbro has been pushing this for over a decade now and is a producer of toys like Monopoly, Nerf, Magic: The Gathering and My Little Pony. The company wants to reduce waste produced by these products as soon as possible. later stated in their article that Hasbro last year began using plant-based plastics (bioPET). It also launched a recycling program for toys that lets parents print a free shipping label and mail toys to TerraCycle, which turns them into new products. The latest initiative means that Hasbro will eliminate use of the bioPET plastic as well.

So, here's hoping more companies follow Hasbro's steps! You can check out the full Forbes article here:

What do you think? Is this going in the right direction?

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